Q:  Who should attend the photo shoot with the senior? 
A:  A parent must accompany the senior to the photo shoot. 

Q:  What type of clothing is recommended for the photo session?
A:  Bring it all--casual, formal, and in-between.  Outfit selections can represent all seasons despite the temperature outside.  Be sure to bring some long-sleeve shirts and a pair of jeans!  Don’t forget your favorite tee, hoodie, hat, sunglasses, uniform, boots, or formal dress. 

Q:  How many outfits will I get to wear?
A:  You can wear several different outfits during your shoot.  The number of outfits is based on your photo shoot selection.

Q:  What if I have blemishes, sunburn, braces, etc?
A:  Do not worry!  Any photo that you order will be retouched to show you at your best!  Additional artwork such as remove braces, slim
arms or body, remove tan lines are available by quote. 

Q:  What happens if it rains the day of my photo shoot?
A:  No problem.  We will reschedule your appointment on an upcoming nice day.   

Q:  Can I bring props to my photo shoot?
A:  Yes, you are welcome to bring props to your photo shoot.  However, props are not necessary for us to capture you and your personality.









"I just had my son's senior portraits done, and I did not have very high hopes; he never smiles or cooperates with the camera in any way, shape or form, period!! It is very frustrating not having any good pictures of him.  Well, somehow Everlasting Images was not only able to get him to smile, they were able to get him to pose for shots that look natural and amazing!!  He even changed outfits and went to different background locations with them.  I am thrilled with his portraits, as well as with the quickness of the turn-a-round in seeing the proofs, the ease of the website, and of course the finished products!!  Thanks Teresa and Erin!!"