Renoll - Stone Mill Inn

A restored historic stone mill, gorgeous partly sunny weather, explicit detail decorations, and beautiful people made for a perfect wedding at The Stone Mill Inn last weekend with Brooks Renoll and Erin Mawe.  It has been a pleasure to capture many milestone memories for over 2 decades for the Renoll and Sheaffer families, from family portraits, to senior portraits, to weddings ... thank you!  Also a special thank you to Ken and Karen Painter for their help with the wedding day.


Scipioni - Graybill Farms

Our first wedding out at Graybill Farms and we were pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the grounds and the pond, in addition to the cool "barn" for the reception.  It helped that the bride and groom were just as beautiful as the property!  Looking forward to more weddings at Graybill.

Shaffer - Cameron Estate Inn

Another gorgeous wedding out at the Cameron Estate Inn just south of Hershey.  This was both an elegant and outdoor natural wedding ... wish more weddings were as easy and perfect as this one!

Zyskowski - Hotel Hershey

Love, love, love The Hotel Hershey rock garden for weddings and this was a perfect wedding in stone clam shell down in the wooded area to the south of the Hotel.  Luckily we had time to walk around the formal gardens and capture some photographs there too.  Awesome day!

Sandy & Ed - HCC

Despite the height difference, Sandy & Ed are perfect together.  Hoping for an outdoor wedding, Sandy did not allow the rain to prevent her from truly enjoying her wedding to Ed at The Hershey Lodge.  A special treat was when the Hershey characters showed up ... the KISS and the REESE.