Life moves fast with quick snippet memories, snap shots on cell phones, Instagram, Facebook …. Endless pictures here and gone …. Like tiny raindrops lost forever.   

How will you preserve the meaningful milestones of your life to pass down to the next generation?

Who will create quality photographs of you that truly capture your best image? 

How will you be remembered?

Love, Lights, Camera, Create, Capture, Preserve!  What can I say?  We love people, cameras, and lighting and feel blessed to create timeless photographs for people.  We are blessed to be photographers! 

Trust your legacy to be captured and preserved with our professional photography and expertise.  Trust Everlasting Images like thousands of our valued clients have done so for over 30 years!

Premier studio for over 30 years!  

- Referred by top wedding vendors such as the Hotel Hershey, the Hershey Country Club, the Hershey Lodge and Cameron Estate Inn.

- Official Hershey AFF fashion show photographer.

- Member of Professional Photographers Association.

- Bride's and Couples Choice Awards recipient for 8 years.

- Newborn Portrait photography specialist in Hershey, PA.

- Known as top photographer for fashionable, cutting edge senior portraits.

Experience: thousands of satisfied clients!

What Our Clients Say

"We are so so thrilled - our photographer made everyone look great!  The composition and lighting were excellent and the pictures turned out exquisite!"  - Ann

"You are a magician behind the lens; you have the courage to think differently and made the shoot FUN!"  - Kristin

"It was such a pleasure to work with you.  You made it fun & relaxing for us.  And your results were just incredible!  We will treasure these memories forever!" - Francesca