Our simple, yet effective, photo shoot includes 30 minutes of shooting & 
a few high-res digital files


"it's your image"

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What is your personality?
Do you want outdoorsy, rustic, architectural, industrial, or dramatic in-studio head shots?  
Let's create your best image!


The Experience

More time, more poses, more fun!
A 60 minute photo shoot,
multiple outfits, and choice of 
all digital files or printed photos
  • Beautiful online photo gallery included
  • Choice of digital files or prints, (both at additional cost)
  • Purchased digital files are high-res with copyrights
  • Printed photographs are professionally retouched and printed to highest standard.  Many options: wall portraits, small gift prints, custom designed collages, artistic Artbooks, Wild Wallets
  • Detailed pricing available upon request 
  • Email now to book your photo shoot   
*Best times to shoot are early morning and late evening - list days/times that you are avail & which shoot you want so we can get you on the books! 
Go for it! 
Relax, be yourself, be like a model.
90 minutes:  multiple outfits, maybe multiple locations. choose 
all digital files and/or printed photos

What if parents want printed portraits and the senior wants digital?

All of our packages have flexibility to offer both printed and digital photographs.  If you purchase a print voucher package, you may add all digital files at a discount price.  If you purchase a digital file package, you may purchase prints from your online shopping cart.  Either way, we got you covered!

Who should attend the portrait session with the senior?

A parent or guardian should attend your photo shoot. 

What type of clothing is recommended for the photo session?
Bring YOUR style! Your outfits can vary from casual to more dressy, and represent all seasons despite the temperature outside.  NOTE: be sure to bring some long-sleeve shirts & long pants, even in summer. 

How many outfits will I get to wear?
Bring at least 3 outfits and if in doubt, bring extras - we will help you choose!

What if I look fat, have blemishes, sunburn, braces, etc?

Do not worry! Any portrait that you order will be retouched so you will look your best! Additional artwork such as remove braces, slim down arms, slim your body, remove tan lines, etc are available.

What happens if it rains the day of my photo shoot?
We will reschedule your appointment.  Note, cloudy & overcast is fine ... actually good!   


Can I bring props to my photo shoot?
Props are welcome, but are not necessary for us to capture you and your personality.

Can my mom, dad, sibling, or pet be in my portraits?

Yes, just let us know ahead of time so we can plan your shoot.

When is payment due?

Bring payment for your package plus tax along to your photo shoot. Cash, check, VENMO preferred, credit cards +3%

Can I be featured on the studio's social media pages?
We love featuring seniors on our Instagram, Facebook. Like Us, and then we can tag you!